What you need to know about “e-juice”

The jury may still be out on e-cigarettes and their health effects, but the refill liquid, also known as e-juice, may be a different story.

They come in flavors you might see in the candy aisle — like cola gummy, cotton candy, and tutti frutti.

Some say that this situation is behind an increase in accidental ingestion of this liquid nicotine by toddlers.

Among them. a team of UK doctors documenting one such case.

But it’s just one of many more in the U.S. The Centers for Disease Control reports a surge in calls relating to accidental e-cigarette refill ingestion. Experts say cases jump from just one call per month four years ago to 200 per month today. Most of them in children younger than five years old.

The electronic cigarette refill liquid is not regulated by the FDA, and doctors say it can cause vomiting, racing pulse, breathing problems and seizures. 

It only takes a few drops to poison a child. So if you vape. keep that “e-juice” away from kids.