Utah counties adopt rules for e-cigarettes

Utah counties adopt rules for e-cigarettes

More and more Utah counties are enacting regulations to govern the sale and manufacture of increasingly popular e-cigarettes and keep them out of the hands of children.

Utah County became the latest when its health board voted Monday to adopt a set of regulations that basically mirrors what several other counties have in place, the Daily Herald of Provo reports. (http://bit.ly/1uWN4M4).

The measures include four key requirements:

— That vendors obtain a retail permit.

— That manufacturers use ingredients in the liquid that are U.S. Pharmacopeia certified or Food and Drug Administration approved.

— That vendors take specific steps to ensure no sales are made to people under the age of 19, the legal age minimum in Utah for e-cigarettes.

— That e-liquid containers have child-proof caps.

“The purpose behind this is to protect our youth,” said Linnea Fletcher of the Utah County Health Department, the Daily Herald reports “They have had easy access to these products. We want to know who is selling them and who is manufacturing them.”

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