Pubs, restaurants, hotels and coffee chains ban e-cigarettes even as experts insist they are acting on bad advice from the WHO

E-cigarette users face widespread bans on the devices in pubs, restaurants and coffee chains.

Starbucks, Caffe Nero, All Bar One, Nicholson’s pubs and KFC have joined public transport companies and airlines in banning the use of e-cigarettes in their branches.
It comes after a widely criticised World Health Organisation report this summer which bans on indoor use, advertising and sales to minors.

Uptake of e-cigarettes, which use battery-powered cartridges to produce a nicotine-laced vapour, has rocketed in the past two years, but there is fierce debate about their potential risks and benefits.

Because they are new, there’s little scientific evidence on their safety. Some experts fear they could be a gateway to tobacco smoking, while others say they have potential to help millions of smokers kick the habit.

But there’s little patience for solid scientific findings. the National Portrait Gallery, the Tate Gallery, the Royal Opera House and the Natural History Museum have all banned e-cigarettes, The Sunday Times reports.

‘The bans are shortsighted,’ said Michael Clapper, chairman of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association and co-founder of e-cigarette company Vapestick.

‘The vapour release from electronic cigarettes is not harmful to bystanders… This will alienate customers who use electronic cigarettes.’