E-Cigarette Trade Group Suing State Of Indiana


An Indiana vaping trade and consumer advocacy group has filed a lawsuit to block a law that is set to take effect next July.

The law passed this year sets several new regulations for the makers of the e-liquids used in electronic cigarettes. The new law will require stores that make their own e-liquids to have specific security standards at their place of business.

“Every major security company in the country has said ‘We can’t do this’,” says Hoosier Vapers Chairman Evan McMahon.

McMahon says without that security individual stores will not qualify for the state’s new license standards. And he says the law sets a deadline of June 30 for all permits to be issued for e-liquid manufacturers that plan to operate in Indiana.

McMahon says 95 percent of the e-liquid industry is mom and pop shops. He predicts the law will put many of them out of business and eliminate about 2,500 jobs.

It’s unknown when the lawsuit will get its first review.

source:indianna public media